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  • Discover What Is Blocking Your Disc Herniation Recovery

    Why do some with disc herniations get better, while others suffer repeated relapses? (the latter is what happens with most people). Answering this question specific to your case is why MotusPro has such a great success rate.

  • Over 30 000 Hours Of Hands-On Experience As A Chiropractor

    You're in the hands of an individual passionate to get your back fit to love life, with qualifications and experience rare to find. Helping Patients Since 2006.

  • Courses Designed To Fit A Busy Person's Schedule.

    Weekly Action Steps And Breakthroughs Learned By Video. If you can't make the live video, replays are quickly available. Much of what you will learn is not adding things to do, but rather changing how you currently do the things you do during your daily life. This means it requires no additional time - but rather a change in your habbits of how you move/or don't move! 15 min max per day required to perform advised spinal health exercises.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back

    Within the first 30 days of your purchase, if you are not satisfied in any way - just let us know and we will return your money in full. I call it our 'Steal Our Stuff' Guarantee, because you will have learned 80% of what you need if you choose to get your money back. My goal is to over deliver. Meaning, I will give more than what you had hoped to receive from this course. I believe that it is because of this that we have never had anyone ask for their money back to this date.

  • Disc Herniation Specialist

    I have spent easily over 10 000 hours studying the spine and disc herniations in perticular. I've worked with patients who've tried everything else without success, from chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, cortizone injections, surgeries such as: disc replacements, spinal fusion, micro-discectomies, and spinal pain relief stimulator implants. No matter what therapy you've tried, if you don't discover what's blocking your disc herniation recovery - the pain will simplly keep coming back.

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How MotusPro has changed lives

“I was moving up the ranks fast in my tennis carreer until my back gave up on me. My parents brought me to see all sorts of therapists and medical specialists. Nothing seemed to get me back to the same level of play I needed to be inorder to keep moving up the ranks. And I started losing confidence in my back - which meant I was backing away from some shots out of fear that my back would spasm and I'd be out for the match. My coach recommended we try Dr. Nik with MotusPro. I had nothing to lose. Four months later, I'm back to my top form, climbing the ranks again! And this time, I'm not shying away from any shots. All I had to do is change the way I was moving on the court, AND OFF THE COURT. It was so simple really. Hard to believe no one else ever went down to the deepest level as to why my disc herniation was not healing. Thankfully, Dr. Nik did!”

“My hips and back have been messed up ever since having kids!  I've never been able to get back to my shape again because my back just won't let me.  I got back twinges with the slightest seemingly normal movements.  I was afraid to play with my now teenage kids because I didn't trust my back.  I didn't want to end up out of commission for a week or more; so I just played it safe.  But this meant I missed out on so much!  And it meant I became pretty boring, grumpy, and started to have lower self-esteem from not being able to take part with my family and friends.  I used to be so active before kids; ran several times per week, did 3 HIIT classes per week with a personal trainer, and never thought about my back going out. After 5 months of following advice from Dr. Nik, I can finally say that I'm back!  I love life again.  I never think about my back anymore.  I chase my kids around and wrestle them to the ground - I love it! Thank you Dr. Nik!”

“I had suffered from a herniated disc injury years ago. It had mostly recoverred with physiotherapy and core excercises. But I never had full confidence in it. When I started hitting the golf clubs more frequently, I noticed that my old disc injury started flaring up again! SO FRUSTRATING!! I just wanted to go out and have fun with my girlfriends. But it cost me lots of pain killers and throbbing pain going down my leg for the next few days after each round. A friend referred me to Dr. Nik and MotusPro. After a thorough examination and hearing my entire story, he knew exactly what was blocking my herniated disc from recovering completely. He gave me the simlest advice, that seemed too simple to work. But it did. It was part of The Movement Method he created. I go out golfing 2-3x per week with my girlfriends and once per week with my husband. I don't take any pain medications any more, and my pain is long gone. I truly have a sense of confidence in my back now! Thanks Dr. Nik!”

“I missed an entire season of rowing because of a disc herniation. I felt the sport I love so much was drifting away for good. Then my mother told me about Dr. Nik and MotusPro. This was not a normal assessment. He actually knew what he was doing. He was not just interested in my back pain, he was interested in observing how I moved, what habbits I had that were blocking the recovery of my herniated disc. He made me realise that good movement technique in the boat is not the only place that matters. I'm only in the boat for 2-3hours per day. I needed to consider the way I was moving the other 14 hours of my day. I quickly realised that I had terrible habbits that needed changing if I ever wanted to let my injury breathe and heal. The Movement Method he used to teach me these new habits was easy to implement. I was able to start up the following season in the Eight! I have full confidence in my back now, and am so pumped for the upcoming season! Thanks Dr. Nik!”

“I used to get chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Nik 1-2x per week for months - and honestly I felt like I could have had my back cracked every day for relief!  Finally, I listened to his advice and took ownership of my situation.  I followed his advice on changing all the little things of my day (like how I sit, how I bend at the sink to do dishes, how I pick up my 5 year old child, how I bend to rinse my mouth after brushing my teeth... honestly, all the little things add up quickly if you do them with bad form.  At first, it was a hassle, but then it just became a new normal.  The tension in my back stopped coming back all the time; the daily 5minute routine started to give longer lasting relief, and I wasn't hanging on to my next chiropractic adjustment anymore!  I actually don't feel like I need it for relief, but rather I want it for its other benefits - general health and wellbeing.   The hard work paid off.  My little girl is no longer disappointed that I can't play with her because of my back.  I can now join my friends back in gym classes, hiking, and runs.   I am honestly feeling the best I have since having kids. Thanks Dr. Nik!”

“Dr. Nik helped me get back to wrestling with my 3 kids on the ground and able to support my family again by being able to get back to work. His thorough exam gave me confidence that I was in good hands. He knew exactly what was blocking my disc herniation from recovering. He guided me through a step-wise process with 'The Movement Method' that retrained my terrible habbits which were simply sabbotating my injured disc, making it impossible for it to heal unless I changed my ways. It was honestly easier than I thought it would be to change my ways. And I'll never go back now. Dr. Nik, Thanks for giving me a jump in my step again, an ability to get back to work, and my family fun life back. ”

“My back used to be so tight!  I woke up sore, and went to bed sore.  Both my kids are teens now.  Looking after them from birth has no doubt been a major cause of my grief.  I have followed the advice from Dr. Nik for 6 months now, and I am so excited to be living a fun life again!  Some of the most simple past struggles are now easy - like putting on my socks and pants on in the mornings, and getting out of the car feeling free instead of stuck in a hunched forward position! I am finally able to play with the kids, kick the ball around and race with them.  Not only that, I'm finally able to get back in shape!  I can't believe how good it mentally feels to be moving again without the fear that my back is going to go out on me.  And it all started with a daily 5 min routine to free up my back.  Thanks MotusPro and Dr. Nik! You've changed the dread I used to have every morning getting out of bed with excitement to go for a workout and join in on adventures with my kids instead of watching them from a distance. love,  Joan.”

“I have had a hamstring injury for the last 3 years that has really slowed me down on the footy field. I have seen multiple therapists, including chiropractors, physiotherapists, sports medical specialists, and massage therapists. They all told me I had a hamstring strain and it just keeps flaring up. I kept getting my hammy rubbed down before practices and games - but I was getting slower and slower out there, and started to miss out on lots of games because I just couldn't keep up. A friend recommended Dr. Nik to me. I was skeptical as I had already tried chiropractic. But Dr. Nik was different. He did the most thorough exam I'd ever had. His conclusion was that my hamstring was not the issue. The issue was that I was suffering from Nerve Tension Intolerance due to a disc injury in my lower back. He taught me how to change the way I move with 'The Movement Method' throughout the day and in the gym so that my back got stronger instead of weaker. Three months later, I was back out on the field running around everyone! I was back to my old self. Thanks Dr. Nik!!”

“I have not been able to get back into the body shape I had prior to kids because of my back pain. The fear of flaring up episodes had honestly made me conclude that I would never get back to being my old self again. I didn't really care so much about it for my apperance alone, I always found that when I exercised my mind was sharper, my energy greater, my excitement for life higher. I was giving up hope of ever being my best version again - I had exhausted all options and professional help I knew of. Then, I came accross Dr. Nik and MotusPro. His advice just made sense. The solution so simple - I just had to stop sabbotaging my own back and give it a chance to finally heal! The thing is that I didn't even realise the little things I kept doing throughout the day that was not allowing my back to recover. I am finally back to the best shape I was prior to having kids. I am truly my best version again”

“The truth is, I just got used to a new way of life.  Mums don't have time to not be well, so I just plowed through.  But in my inner self, I knew that I was missing out on so much, and my kids and husband were missing out on my best version.  A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Nik at MotusPro.  I figured I wouldn't have the time to keep up with what he had to say - but I did!  He never bombarded me with a ton of exercises.  If anything, the 5 min per day self care routine is as much time as I really take out specific to freeing up my back.   The information in the emails did not make me stop doing anything I need to do. Dr. Nik taught me how to do things in a better way so that my back tension doesn't keep returning.   I'm telling you, do yourself a favour and follow Dr. Nik's advice over the next few months - your life will never be the same again.  Your family will thank you ten thousand times over!  It's never fun to be the one that holds the group back. Thanks Dr. Nik! Ellie”

“I was diagnosed with a bad L4/5 disc herniation. Stayed in hospital for 3 days and experienced weeks of the most intense pain I've ever experienced (and I've had 4 children!). Then I met Dr. Nik Dukovac. Following his advice, I no longer allow the fear of potential pain to hold me back. I even followed a dream of mine to apply for the police academy - And I was accepted!”

“My disc herniation significantly affected my quality of life, including my love life with my husband. The information from Dr. Nik in his course has allowed me to enjoy life again! You don't realise it until you go through this experience, but it's unfortunate that when you suffer from severe back pain, you are not the only one suffering. Your husband, and children suffer too. There are so many extra things they have had to do for me when I've been out of commission. I felt terrible for the added stress I put on my family; and what made it worse is that I felt helpless to change it. Thanks Dr. Nik for getting my family relationships and quality of life back!”

Dr. Nik Dukovac - Your Instructor

Founder of MotusPro

I believe that everyone has a purpose for their life here on earth. And mine is to ensure your back pain is not stopping you from achieving yours. I am the founder of MotusPro, chiropractor of over 15 years, creator of Conquer Your Back Pain Bootcamp and creator of The Movement Method. MotusPro has been created to get people with disc herniations off the roller coaster ride of recurring relapses and rather truly conquer their back pain once and for all. The most exciting thing to me is not the relief of their back pain but rather what this allows them to do! They are now enjoying their kids, spouse, friends, sports, and activities while also being a better performer at their life's calling! My approach is heavily influenced by the latest research, Dr. Stuart McGill, Janda, and Kerel-Lewit to name a few. The outcomes of my approach have proven to be life-changing for thousands of people.

Dr. Nik Dukovac

Founder of MotusPro ©️, Creator of The Movement Method ©️, Creator of Conquer Your Back Pain Bootcamp ©️